Christine Landreth


My work derives from my childhood in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and South Africa and from over 30 years living and working in South London, raising two daughters and sharing with them a continuing engagement with the visual arts and theatre.

I work with a variety of materials and like to watch the unexpected emerge when combining them. It is the process of creating which is important to me and I try to keep traces of mark making and other activity visible in my work. I am inspired by materials and texture, contrast and nuance. I experiment by building up the working surface with oil paint, acrylics, emulsion, binders, crayons, pencil,  paper and charcoal.

My work has moved away from primarily abstract work to integrating representational images and motifs into my painting. In my recent pieces I explore the juxtaposition of domestic and familiar objects (teapots, jugs, tulips) with unexpected ones that sometimes seem out of context (hammers, maps). I enjoy the way some of the collaged items reference the real world outside the realm of the painted surface. For example, by incorporating paper dress making patterns and handles from shopping bags into my most recent work I like to play with the idiom of domesticity and femininity.

Art Education

1970 Matriculation in Art at Johannesburg School of Art, Ballet and Music

1974 Fine Art Degree (BA) University Witwatersrand, South Africa

Various short courses over the years including Portraiture, Painting, Pottery

2005 – present Currently being mentored in Studio setting in South London with practising Artist and teacher